Month: September 2020

New Architectural, Interior Design Firm Launches

Bermudians Colin Brown, Melissa Woods, and Anthony DeShields have recently launched Broadview Architecture & Interior Design, a new architecture & interior design firm.

A spokesperson said, “As Bermuda adapts and forges ahead due to the global pandemic, new working models have given way to new opportunities.

Broadview Architecture & Interior Design Bermuda Sept 2020

“Broadview is led by Colin Brown, Registered Chartered Architect, Melissa Woods, Senior Interior Designer, and Anthony DeShields, Chartered Architectural Technologist – who are all former Directors at OBM Ltd. Their vision is to leverage their complementary skill sets and provide a professional full-service architectural and interior design offering for clients in Bermuda.

“Colin Brown


Cleveland State University’s Washkewicz Hall receives LEED Gold rating for environmental performance

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Washkewicz Hall, home to Cleveland State University’s College of Engineering, has been awarded LEED Gold certification, the second highest of four levels of certification established by the U.S. Green Building Council, the university said in a news release.

The LEED system, short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, establishes widely used measurable standards for environmental performance by buildings.

Gold is the second highest of four levels including Platinum, Silver and Certified.

Completed in 2017, Washkewicz Hall was designed by the national architecture and engineering firm of HED, and CBLH Design of Cleveland.

Located on


As Wildfires Rage, California Presses Insurers to Cut Rates

Faced with the twin climate crises of historic wildfires and spiraling insurance costs, California on Wednesday laid out new rules to make insurance more affordable in fire-prone areas. But the changes could backfire, experts say — pushing insurers to stop offering insurance in those areas and further imperiling communities on the front lines of climate change.

The changes are the latest round in the struggle between California regulators and the insurance industry, which has experienced huge losses starting with the wildfires of 2017 and 2018. In response, insurers have begun refusing to write new coverage for homes in fire-prone areas


Inclusive by Design | News at Poole College

By Kevin Brewer, University Communications Contributing Writer

When Tayah Butler put on her protective mask and walked around downtown Raleigh last summer — a season of the coronavirus and social unrest — she took pictures of the murals that grew out of the city’s protests: pain turned into paint, wounds turned into art.

“How do I send the message to our students that they were being heard?” said Butler, director of diversity and inclusion in the Poole College of Management. “I wanted to incorporate the Black Lives Matter movement, the cries for justice that have been going on for a


Bricks Alive! Scientists Create Living Concrete

The researchers bought Knox brand gelatin at a local supermarket and dissolved it in the solution with the bacteria. When they poured the mixture into molds and cooled it in a refrigerator, the gelatin formed its bonds — “just like when you make Jell-O,” Dr. Srubar said. The gelatin provided more structure, and worked with the bacteria to help the living concrete grow stronger and faster.

After about a day, the mixture formed concrete blocks in the shape of whatever molds the group used, including two-inch cubes, shoe box-size blocks and truss pieces with struts and cutouts. Individual two-inch cubes