Month: December 2020

Lumber prices go through the roof on high demand, short supply in Galveston County | Local News


When builders go to the lumberyard, they expect two-by-fours in ample supply. It’s like expecting to find milk at the supermarket.

So, earlier this year, when the number of two-by-fours available to builders fell off dramatically, Jay Wilson knew something was up.

“The supply chain was screwed up,” said Wilson, the owner of Wilson Construction in Galveston. “Dimension sizes were in limited supplies; even something as simple as a two-by-four-by-twelve Southern yellow pine treated was in extremely short supply.”

The fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown local builders and building suppliers into chaos as decreases in the supply


With New Technology, Interior Design Goes Digital

Interior design has long been an intimate, face-to-face field. Skilled designers would visit their clients in their homes to get a sense of the space, chat with the client, and work with them to envision something new.

It’s a creative pursuit, but in recent years interior design has taken on a high-tech edge. Using 3D design tools, sketching programs, and other software, interior designers can now do their work from anywhere in the world — without ever stepping foot into their clients’ homes.

An Outgrowth Of Architecture

Many of the tools that interior designers use for digital work got their


Going above and beyond in residential environments and design | College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

The scholarship award for Olson was for an age-friendly design in the Korean province of Jeju. When Eunju Hwang, an associate professor, invited Seung Koh, director of the Jeju Aging Society Research Center, to talk to her class about a Jeju age-friendly project, Olson found her inspiration. She created a housing design for the haenyeo, an aging population of legendary women divers in Jeju.

“I would describe my project as a space that balanced the modern and traditional aspects of Jeju culture while continuing the main design goals of sustainable coexistence with the natural environment,” she said. “I


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