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Exterior Home Design Trends Coming in 2021

Alco Product’s Exterior Home Design Trends for 2021 

Choosing your color and design for your upcoming home exterior remodel may seem like a difficult and stress-inducing endeavor. From the various options of windows, siding, roofing, and doors, there are several decisions to make when it comes to color, design, customizations, and style for your home. These Exterior Trends for 2021 are designed to help you make smart style choices for your upcoming exterior home remodel along with obtaining a long-lasting design for your home.

Let us take some of the stress of decision-making and dive into Alco Products’ trends and


5 Top Home Exterior Design Trends for 2021

A variety of factors will go into—and onto—the houses of tomorrow.

5 top home exterior design trends for 2021
To distinguish their homes, builders and architects are using mixing and matching a range of materials on their new homes. Photo: Binyamin Mellish, Pexels

Emerging trends in exterior design reflect larger societal shifts. As the nation changes, so do its homes. 

The rising interest in more energy-efficient houses, the pandemic-era popularity of embracing the outdoors, and the movement of people to the South and West are all factors that are reflected in the latest directions in exterior housing design and materials. 

Here are five exterior design trends


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BMW Exterior Design Boss is Okay if You Modify the 4 Series Grille

If you haven’t seen the almost endless criticism of the new BMW 4 Series and its all-new styling, you’ve been living under a rock. This new 4er has the most controversial design of any BMW since the E65 7 Series and likely even surpasses that car, in terms of sheer shock value. Due to the polarization of the new grille, many fans have already decided to customize the grille and even replace the front end with aftermarket designs. Some tuning companies are already working on aftermarket solutions. This desire to change the design, however, doesn’t bother BMW’s Head of Exterior


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