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Frame of Mind: Naila Yousuf of Wright & Wright

Discover how the works of art in the National Gallery and Tate’s permanent collections have inspired Naila Yousuf, partner at Wright & Wright Architects

Words by Naila Yousuf


As a student I became captivated by the colour International Klein Blue (IKB) after discovering Yves Klein’s work.

Ultramarine symbolises holiness, seen in The Virgin in Prayer and the Lambeth Bible. Klein believed IKB was the unification of heaven and earth. IKB 79 has a life of its own, like a multiple exposure photograph depicting time and space. It goes beyond scale and materiality.

Before IKB, ultramarine was used sparingly, with


2020 Best Design Schools | Top College Rankings

Our design colleges ranking report includes the “best of the best” for design education in America. Ranking metrics include academic quality, student satisfaction, graduation rate, overall value and post-graduate career success.
Our Methodology

Rank School Name Accept. Rate1 Grad.
Emp. Rate
2 years
Mid-Career Salary4 Net Price
Rhode Island School of Design

Providence, RI

33% 87% 88% $47,300 $140 232
Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA

25% 88% 91% $72,000 $134 680

Harrison Lecture Series: Fall 2020

Harrison Lecture poster - all typed info. is below in this post

Lectures to be digitally streamed with a virtual Q&A at the conclusion.

The events are free, but you must register. See links below for each event.

September 11, 2020 | 3:30 p.m.

headshot of Vincent Petrarca, left, and Katherine HoganKatherine Hogan
Vincent Petrarca

Tonic Design and Construction

Katherine Hogan is an adjunct professor of practice at NC State College of Design and a visiting critic at Syracuse University School of Architecture. Vincent Petrarca is a professor of practice in the Department of Architecture at North Carolina State University’s College of Design and a visiting critic at Syracuse University School of Architecture. Tonic’s hybrid model of professional


Integrated building design: 21st century challenges | UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering

UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering are pleased to announce a new seminar series for 2020-21. Integrated building design: 21st century challenges.

Integrated Building Design banner

Climate change, resource efficiency, health and wellbeing, social equity, smart buildings. Our world is changing rapidly; we are constantly facing unprecedented challenges and new opportunities to overcome them. How can building design adapt to these transformations? How can buildings improve the world we live in?

The UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering is pleased to announce a series of free webinars on integrated building design in the context of 21st century challenges. Please join us!


Student Honored with ACSA Award for “The Sky House”

Carlos Soto ’20

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design alumnus Carlos Soto ’20 recently received an award from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) 2020 Housing Competition for his project, “The Sky House,” an endeavor undertaken for a studio project during his last semester as a student. Soto’s work was recognized with an Honorable Mention from the prestigious competition.

The project was born from Professor Peter Zweig’s studio assignment to design a home of the 21st century that would go beyond time and be relevant here and now. Soto sought to create a house that