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The home front: Virus stalks nurses after they leave work

FULLERTON, Calif. — There’s red tape running along the floor of the coronavirus unit at St. Jude’s Medical Center.

It’s a clear line of demarcation. On one side, the cold zone, where only a surgical mask, scrubs and shoe coverings are necessary. On the other, the warm zone, where the gloves come on. And the N95 mask. And the gown. And the hairnet. And the face shield.

Another step through glass doors and it’s into the hot zone, where coughing patients in green-patterned gowns await.

It’s outside this unit, in an area not marked by red tape or glass doors,


Russian opposition blogger Zhukov beaten outside home in Moscow | Russia News

A well-known Russian opposition blogger and radio host was beaten outside his home in Moscow, his spokesman said on Monday, as Kremlin critics say they are being subjected to a growing number of attacks.

Yegor Zhukov, 22, was handed a suspended sentence last year on “extremism” charges for making videos criticising President Vladimir Putin amid huge protests calling for fair elections.

Zhukov’s team posted a picture on Telegram of his bloodied and swollen face, saying he was attacked and beaten near his home on Sunday evening.

“According to eyewitnesses, he was attacked by two thugs who disappeared on scooters,” Zhukov’s


SETI@home’s crowdsourced search for aliens ending after 21 years

The project is going into hibernation on March 31, according to a post on its website, which said scientists have reached a point of diminishing returns.

“Basically, we’ve analyzed all the data we need for now,” according to the post.

The scientists will now focus on studying the results they’ve brought in and writing a scientific journal paper on the findings.

Aliens, flying discs and sightings -- oh my! A short history of UFOs in America

Millions of volunteers around the world have downloaded the SETI@home screen saver over the years, to help analyze radio telescope data and search for extraterrestrial intelligence, according to the group. SETI stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.


Northern California wildfires threatening thousands of homes

VACAVILLE, Calif. (AP) — Wildfires raged through Northern California on Wednesday, threatening thousands of homes and blackening the skies near San Francisco as crews struggled to surround them despite steep terrain and blistering heat.

The fires, many caused by lightning and sometimes pushed by strong winds, had burned hundreds of thousands of acres as they chewed through brushland, rural areas, canyon country and dense forest to the north, east and south of San Francisco. Fires also carved their way through the wine country and the Sierra Nevada.

In addition to about two dozen major blazes, small fires kept erupting, though