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December 2020 Vol.16 Issue 12 An ITP Media Group Publication HEAD PLUS: CID AWARDS IN PICTURES + PENTHOUSE DESIGN UNPACKED + HOME GYM BOOM ON Dubai Design Week’s director looks towards the festival’s future December 2020 Vol.16 Issue 12 An ITP Media Groupppp ppppp pp p p ppppp p pp ppp ppppppppppp PPPubPubPubPubPubPubPubububPubPububP bbbPuububbbliclicliclicliclicliclicicliicliclicliclicclicicclicicliciiccciclicllilicliccaataaa itiatitatiatiatiatiaataatitatiiaatatiatiaaaattaatiiatita iatattttata ooooononononnonnonnooonononnnno D ec em be r 2 02 0 V ol.1 6 Is su e 1 2 The essential guide for Middle East interior design professionals COMMERCIAL In te rior de si g n A n IT P M ed ia G ro up p ub lic atio nFranke L.L.C. Tel: +971 (0)7 203 4700 Toll free: 800-FRANKE [email protected] ininspps iirininggg wiiththouout t anannononoyiy ngng ssililiciconnnnnneeee e jojoinintttts. 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It was a year that heaped stress and uncertainty at our doors, then hung around for an uncommonly long time to see what we made of it all. Yet when our social media memories appear this time next year, 2020 will still inspire some joy. For me, high points include joining Commercial Interior Design in February and pulling off a physical, socially distanced, awards ceremony in November. Now the 17 winners and highly commended people, projects and teams have been announced, we can catch up with photos from the night in this issue. You’ll see that dollops of sanitiser replaced on-stage PDAs and the night’s must-have accessory was the CID facemask. But it was still the awards that I hope you’ve come to know and love over the past 14 years – a celebration of the industry’s best and a fantastic party. While we’re recovering from our big night out, the December issue of CID focuses on design at home, as we explore a luxury residential project and work out what’s powering the trend for home gyms. The recent Dubai Design Week was another peak and our cover star, director Mette Degn-Christensen, tells us what energy she hopes the festival will take forward into 2021. See you in the new year! 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As an information technology leader, it specialises in the design and development of innovative and insight-driven communication products. In 2019, Wistron’s subsidiary Wistron ITS worked with Sunon, hoping to create a human-centered workspace where the IT team plays a leading role and embraces innovation in the global trends. Drawing on nearly 30 years of experience and expertise, Sunon provided an open- plan offi ce solution for Wistron ITS, which integrated a great selection of offi ce furniture with plenty of modern and fresh elements. An energetic social space The fun Samu ‘whale’ chair adds a warm and bright fi nish for the social space. Social interaction + innovation to embrace more freedom during work Sunon’s Flower series lounge seating Sunon creates human- centered workspace for Global 500 Wistron Long-hours working at a computer can cause back, neck and shoulder pains for developers. Geometric shapes and the contrasting colours of the Flower series lounge chairs provide a more comfortable sitting experience and build healthy habits for employees. Welcoming reception area Design language in the reception area of Wistron ITS embraces a simple yet strong style, just like the ideal prologue should. The creative island from the Jason natural wood series is found next to the working space. Elegant wooden legs together with Wistron ITS’ headquarters A fresh look WPartner content 9 December 2020 Take a seat at the Varna executive desk More about Sunon From the fi rst piece of hand-made furniture to now providing offi ce space solutions, Sunon has always been sticking to its mission: All for healthy working. Sunon is devoted to creating values for clients in terms of reducing costs and boosting offi ce wellbeing of employees to attract more talents, thus has won trust from clients all over the world. Up to now, customers of Sunon include 160+ Fortune Global 500 companies such as Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Google, and Coca-Cola. a biophilic green bar counter to make it a picturesque charging station. Productive brainstorming area Diverse space needs, from semi-open brainstorming corners to relatively-closed meeting rooms, are satisfi ed by the Hyle series. Optimised layout to keep up with changing times Innovation is the core value and key driver for information technology companies. Wistron pushes forward its work through communications and exchanges between employees. The sit-to-stand model contributes to workplace health with the help of technology, and help employees always maintain the most comfortable condition. In the era of new normal, Sunon responds to and adapts to changes and relishes creating workplace solutions. If you’re interested, please get in touch through Sunon’s website. SUNON SOLUTIONS: Jason, Linz, Varna, Samu, Flower, Ducky, Winger, Olive, Hyle, Magna, i-work, i-ridge A simple strong style Recharge hereNext >