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Fall 2020 News

Congratulations to our Industrial Design Student, Jacob McMullen on winning an IDSA
IDEA award for work he did in Professor McClusky’s DSID134 Design and Meaning class
last year.


Summer 2020 News

New Faculty

The Department of Design is excited to announce the addition of two new faculty members.
Angela Wu is joining the Animation/Illustration program. She has worked on a variety
of projects including stories, comics, games, illustrations, and websites. She’s interested
in new technology and its creative potential. If she can teach some, make some, learn
some, play some—that’s a good day. She’s happy to be joining the full-time faculty
at SJSU. 

Kohar Scott and Angela Wu Headshots

Kohar Scott is joining the Industrial Design program. Her background is a focus on
Color, Material, and Finish (CMF) in the field of product design. Her client list
includes industry leaders in consumer electronics, pro-audio, toy manufacturing, personal
care, and soft goods. Kohar’s current research revolves around the use of materials,
AI, VR, and AR to solve problems in the design process. 

Art + Technology

The Hearth Interior

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has awarded Professor San Fratello, with
her partner Ronald Rael, a 2020 Art + Technology grant for the project “MUD Frontiers”.
The awards include monetary and in-kind support for projects that explore artistic
application of emerging technologies. 

Read about the LACMA grant in this article by Hyperallergic!

IIDA Honor Award

Paradise Healthcare Design Mock-up

Interior Design student Lei Wang recently won first place in the Northern California’s
International Interior Design Association’s (IIDA) Honor Awards for her design of
The Paradise Healthcare Clinic.