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Top Autumn/Winter 2020 Interior Design Trends To Upgrade Your Home

Discover which interior design trends will be making waves this upcoming season (Photo: unsplash.com)
By Helen Yu

By Helen Yu

September 03, 2020

Need some inspiration for your next home interior project? We ask Hong Kong’s top designers and home décor experts to predict what will be hot in the world of interior design for fall/winter 2020

There’s never been a better time to transform your home into a sanctuary which you’ll feel completely comfortable and a sense of positivity. While your space should be


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Top Interior Design Trends of 2020: From Home Offices to Two-Tone Kitchens

There is an upside to spending more time at home: researching your dream house, down to the cabinet handles.

To decipher what dream home means in a global-pandemic world, Mansion asked the editors of three house-centric websites—Houzz, Decorilla and The Real Houses of IG—to identify their most popular images from the first half of the year. We examined photos that home-décor followers are clicking, liking and scrolling through to better understand today’s trends.

The verdict? It’s in the details.

People simply have more time and are going to greater lengths to plan out, and to seek inspiration for, their dream


20 Projects by the Top 100 Giants of 2020

These 20 spaces were created by the Top 100 Giants of 2020firms featured on Interior Design’s annual list per our industry-wide survey.

1. Western Union’s Denver Headquarters by Gensler (#1)

Photography by Eric Laignel.

Gensler design principal and studio director Michelle Liebling emphasized workplace connections—not just among colleagues on a given level, but also for the total population of 1,300 employees occupying Western Union’s vertical campus.

2. Brierley+Partners Headquarters in Frisco, Texas by Perkins and Will (#3)

Photography by Peter Molick.

Graphic wallcoverings help liven up and carve out open


Top 3 Interior Design Trends 2020/2021

If you’re one of our followers here at The Interior Design Advocate, you know that this is the time of year where we usually give our peeps a sneak peek into the biggest interior design trends for 2020 / 2021 by way of the Kips Bay Show House in New York City.

However, due to Covid-19, this year’s show house has been postponed until further notice. While the organizers are remaining mum about rescheduling at the moment, we’ll be sure to share any news we hear. Check back on our blog for updates or better yet, join our mailing list.