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Home Design 2020 Predictions and Top 5 Current Trends

(SCARSDALE, NY) – With Americans’ technology-dominated lives, it’s no surprise that today’s home design is following suit. The Plan Collection, the pioneer of online home and design plans, divulges that 2020 home architectural design is trending to accommodate Americans’ busy, technology-driven culture with more space and conveniences in the kitchen – the heart of the home – with “Prep Pantries” and “Command Centers.” The top five current trends are environmentally conscious with a simplistic and modern design of “Zen-Dens,” flex rooms, high ceilings and open floor plans.

2020 PREDICTIONS – Here are The Plan Collection’s 2020 top predictions for


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The beauty of design is its ability to morph, adapt, and incorporate influences that enhance style and function. The interior design trends 2020 exemplify this in a way that tells a story. With their fingers on the pulse of the latest developments, our top online interior designers shared the trends that they are seeing this year. Hint: It’s interesting to see patterns unfolding that address our needs as society and environment even more. With all of this in mind, here are the top 10 must-see home Interior Design Trends 2020 has to offer.

1. Earth Tones

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Top interior design trends 2020

We’ve looked into our crystal ball of future interior design trends to see which will be big in 2020. 

How have we gathered this year’s top 20? Well, it’s a list made up of themes and schemes we have seen seeping into interiors (ahem Pinterest, ahem Instagram, ahem design forecasters… paint manufacturers, fabric designers… and so on) for the past few months. 

We’ve also added some tips and tricks to help you design and decorate with the trends you love, no matter the size of your rooms or your budget (because unfortunately not all of us can remodel our bathroom