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2020 Best Design Schools | Top College Rankings

Our design colleges ranking report includes the “best of the best” for design education in America. Ranking metrics include academic quality, student satisfaction, graduation rate, overall value and post-graduate career success.
Our Methodology

Rank School Name Accept. Rate1 Grad.
Emp. Rate
2 years
Mid-Career Salary4 Net Price
Rhode Island School of Design

Providence, RI

33% 87% 88% $47,300 $140 232
Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA

25% 88% 91% $72,000 $134 680

Singapore’s new breed of creative talents bring fresh ideas and perspectives to design, Home & Design News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – Local talents continue to sculpt and change Singapore’s arts, design and culture terrain. Here is the spotlight on a new breed of Singapore creatives, from artists and sculptors to furniture makers and designers, who bring with them a fresh crop of ideas and perspectives.

Tiffany Loy


The art of weaving is experiencing a contemporary revival and Tiffany Loy is one to watch in this field.

The industrial designer-turned-weaver took up textile-weaving at Kawashima Textile School in Kyoto and set up her studio in 2014.

The 33-year-old melds her knowledge of product design with textile-making


These are Instagram’s top 20 interior design trends 2020

We love a scroll through Instagram’s interior design trends but we’d NEVER have guessed which #designtrend would take top spot in this year’s most searched-for look (so far in 2020). 

We’re not giving anything away by revealing that it’s #macramewallhanging. Who’d have thought? Perhaps, though, more of us are stuck at home looking for craft ideas – and it’s such an easy one to try. But what else has joined it on the design top 20 in 2020? Keep scrolling to find out. You’ll be astounded. 

In the meantime, you can find more design inspo on our ideas pages:



Top Autumn/Winter 2020 Interior Design Trends To Upgrade Your Home

Discover which interior design trends will be making waves this upcoming season (Photo: unsplash.com)
By Helen Yu

By Helen Yu

September 03, 2020

Need some inspiration for your next home interior project? We ask Hong Kong’s top designers and home décor experts to predict what will be hot in the world of interior design for fall/winter 2020

There’s never been a better time to transform your home into a sanctuary which you’ll feel completely comfortable and a sense of positivity. While your space should be


Ask The Vet, Home & Design News & Top Stories

Dog has swollen, ruptured anal glands

My dog usually has his anal glands expressed during his regular grooming service. His anal glands became swollen and ruptured when pet grooming services were suspended during the circuit breaker. I took him to a vet instead. I was told most dogs suffer from anal gland impactions. Are there ways to prevent swelling in anal glands for situations where pet owners are unable to consult a groomer?

Khong Kiong Seng

Anal sac disease is a common condition in dogs.

The anal sac secretions contain chemicals that are used by the animal to mark territory,