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Are these 2020’s hottest home design trends so far?

As we drift further into the second half of 2020, it’s time to think about the key design trends set to see us through the year. From creative paint effects and the resurgence of Art Deco to plant-based décor and ingenious homeworking solutions, we’ve rounded up the biggest and best interiors ideas so far. Click or scroll through to discover the hottest trends on the home front in 2020…

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The Best Home Design Trends Of 2020

Adding modern touches and trendy items to a house can be both costly and tricky. It is always important to consider your own personal color palettes and furniture as well as landscape design and beyond before changing up space.

However, staying trendy doesn’t necessarily mean you need to overhaul your entire home. Instead, these stunning trends in 2020 are easy and simple to achieve.

Vintage Accents

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Instead of completely redesigning a space why not opt for just a few accents of something vintage. Some items will always add intrigue and style to a room


Interior Design Trends: The 27 biggest trends for 2021 revealed

We’ve found all of the biggest interior design trends for 2021. We spoke to trend experts and high profile designers to get them to share their trend predictions and insights, we reviewed and analysed the interior trends of the past year, and compared them with current search trends on Google, Pinterest, retailer sites and more. 

The home decor trends below cover everything from bathroom trends and kitchen trends to colour trends, wallpaper trends and even garden trends for the year ahead.

While the various looks are all growing in popularity, they vary widely in taste and style – some


interior design trends for 2020

Interior design will evolve, innovate, adapt and improve in 2020, says Michelle Ogundehin. Her trend report includes provocative collaborations, Ukrainian design and a rejection of digital technology.

The dawn of a new decade invariably gives rise to a whole host of grandiose pronouncements about new trends and cultural shifts for the next ten years, and true to form, here’s my top seven. But in truth, there’s only one thing that we can be absolutely certain of: change will be the only constant.

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