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in Angola’s capital, Luanda, has been amazingly productive for one of Angola’s biggest stars.

C4 Pedro has produced two full albums of seven songs each in just two
months. They were released on Tuesday, which also happened to be C4 Pedro’s 37th birthday:

With the tours that we all have sometimes, it’s impossible for us to create this way, so I’m thankful because I was able to create two albums by myself, because I’m also a producer. I’ve never done something like that before, it’s incredible, I’m like: ‘Woah, I did something special’.”

The two albums are very different.

The darker one, Dragon, is C4 Pedro’s first hip-hop album. He used to rap before kizomba took over his professional life, and he uses those skills to settle a few scores:

My rap name is Dragon. This Dragon comes to protect myself and my name. Not everybody loves to see someone succeed, you have people hating you just because you are too good.

Now with this pandemic I was home thinking about everything that I heard about me, and I say, OK, maybe this is just time to clarify some little things!”

But not all of the songs in the first album are addressed to C4 Pedro’s haters:

Seven songs for haters? No, I don’t believe they deserve it, that’s too much. No, no, no, there’s more important things in life than doing songs for your haters. With this hip-hop album people will understand that I am a human person who has feelings.”

The second album is more typical and designed to be reassuring for C4 Pedro’s many fans:

I don’t want them thinking what is wrong with him? I’m good, this is the same C4. Lagrimas (meaning Tears) is an album full of love, with titles like Felicidade (Happiness), Pele Negra (Black Skin), and Africa Esta Viva (Africa Is Alive).”

Judging by the acapella taster C4 Pedro gave me, this second album is achingly beautiful.

“This is what I believe the world needs but the hip-hop album is what I need now,” he chuckles.

You can listen to DJ Edu’s full interview with C4 Pedro on This Is Africa once it’s uploaded on Saturday at 12:00 GMT.